February 8, 2007

How to Install Perl on Windows XP

Hmm... I'm assigned to a job that requires me to learn and develop things on Pearl now. And for good, I'm also starting this blog. So, it goes to my first topic today. It is how I install Perl on my Windows XP.

I'm searching through net to find Perl for windows. Then I find ActivePerl from ActiveState. The Current releases is: ActivePerl and ActivePerl So, I'm gonna install this on my Windows XP PC.

My steps to install Perl on Windows XP:

  1. Download ActivePerl from http://www.activestate.com. Goto ActivePerl page. Click on Get Active Perl button then click on Download button. I don't want them to send me adds mails. So, I just skip entering my email details and click Continue button because it's optional. I choose ActivePerl Click on the MSI link under the Windows (x86). Then my download begin.
  2. Got the file!... Then I simply install the MSI by double clicking on it. Follow the instructions... Accepting the Terms and Next... Next... that's it! Now you got Perl on your Windows XP. Click Finish.

How easy right? Anyway, I'll keep on blogging on my experience with perl. So, stay tune

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kevin said...

It's been a couple years since you posted so I am guessing you either got real busy or didn't have to work with Perl after all. But I do appreciate you entry since I am just starting to teach myself Perl and so far the hardest part is figuring out where to get it and how to load it on my XP PC. Thanks again!