February 24, 2007

Microsoft TechNet Scripting Game Result

Remember the Microsoft TechNet Scripting Game that I joined last week?

Now we have the Game Result for Beginner Division... So, I only got total Score 94 out of 100. Was that a good start? I don't think so. I'm so careless. I better be a lot more careful on the next game if I'm joining it soon... next year maybe...

Hmm... what is the book of today?... No, I don't offer book today. How about A VBScript Reference Poster? The Poster is designed to make it easier to understand and memorize the VBScript Object Model much quicker. The size is 5' x 3' and is a colorized poster. This poster lays out the entire VBScript hierarchy and each listing leads you to its respective information. This poster has a list of every Object, Property, and Method. Each poster has a sample script for each Property and Method... How about that? Cool stuff for your wall huh? Then, Grab it now!!

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