June 3, 2007

How to burn bin & cue file to DVD

burn bin & cue file to DVDI've been playing around with Torrent downloads few weeks ago and encounter this problem to burn a bin & cue files that I've downloaded. Seems stupid right? I suppose to have it done perfectly in Nero but then the problem appears and it took me hours to think about this simple solution.

The Problem
Let me list my problem on burning this bin and cue files using Nero.

  • The bin file size is larger than maximum CD-R size. It is about 2.9GB
  • Every time I load the cue file through the Burn Image menu in Nero, it will automatically set it to burn on a CD-R. How stupid is this?
  • I can't find ways to change the target media to burn it to DVD from the automatically set CD-R media. Am I stupid then?

The Solution
After struggling with Nero and everything I got in my PC, then I've come out with this simple and easy solution to solve the problem. Actually, I have Virtual DEAMON installed in my PC. For those who don't know about the software, it works as my virtual drive where I can load any image files (iso, nrg or cue) and then use them like I'm loading the CD or DVD on my drive. So, I'm using this drive to pretend that I have it already burned on a DVD and then copy them via Nero...
  • Firstly, Load/mount the cue file on my virtual drive
  • Then open up Nero to burn a DVD
  • Select all the files in the virtual drive DVD.
  • Burn the new DVD

That's all. I got the cue & bin files burned on my DVD using Nero with this simple tricks. I hope this information will help others who encountered the same stupid problems until Nero updated their burning software.

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