March 19, 2008

DNS Domain Expiration Checker Script [Update for .my domain]

Do you have more than one domain to manage? Have you ever failed to renew your domain before it expires? This simple domain-check script maybe your life saver. Originally, it was written by Ryan Matteson. Then Vivek Gite add up support to .org, .in, .biz and .info domain names.

And now, I've updated the domain-check script to support Malaysia (.my) domain. I should call this DNS Domain Expiration Checker Version 1.6

In order to use the script, you can simply download the script and rename it to domain-check. Then chmod +x to be able to execute it. You can run it to parse a list of domain in a text file and send an email alert to you for any domain that about to expire.

Command line code to download:

$ wget -O domain-check

Sample Usage: (in directory where you place the script)

apogee@apogee-persiasys:~$ ./domain-check -d

Domain Registrar Status Expires Days Left
----------------------------------- ----------------- -------- ----------- --------- RGA000733 Valid 31-JUL-2008 134

[Note: you can place this on your "sbin" directory and run without "./" ]

You can also get an email if going to expire in 30 days:

$ domain-check -a -d -q -x 30 -e

I would like to dedicate this updated script to fenris for having lot of domain to manage hehehe... Hope it help you dude!! Enjoy!!

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