April 16, 2008


Superb Wii Remote Hack by Johnny Lee

In December 2006, Nintendo released the Nintendo Wii which featured an innovative controller containing an accelerometer and pointing capability. This provided millions of people with a new ways to interact with computers. As an HCI researcher, Johnny Lee became interested to show to people what they can really do with their new toy that they never knew it could do.

Johnny Chung Lee, have made an amazingly Superb Wii Remote hacks - which turn the $40 device into a digital whiteboard, multi-touch display, and 3-D viewer - have been a massive hit on YouTube, was invited to speak at the TED conference. Watch and be amazed by what a brilliant mind can do with a child’s toy.

Check out Johnny Chung Lee's Project page for more stories about his fantastic research and innovations. Enjoy!!

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The Penguin Day...

I'm wondering... This is maybe the Penguin Day... The Penguin is ready to fly now... Everybody around me is talking about Linux and how to get rid of that full of viruses, Microsoft Windows Operating System. While I keep promoting the best Linux ever for these End Users, Ubuntu...

They have feel the differences... They noticed the consequences... Another great Operating System without annoying pop-up on the bottom-right corner of their screen to tell and ask them, "Hey you!! You got XXX Virus!, You want me to Delete your precious file?" on a 15 minutes interval.

Enjoy this Video, The Penguin is flying FREE Now!!

"Everyone Can Fly... Be Linux!"

Come on guys! Change your OS. I know, you didn't pay even a cent to Microsoft because your PC's technicians is selling a Ripped Off pirated version of that Microsoft Windows OS. You cannot even update them online just because you are afraid of Microsoft will block your Windows and give you a 30 days trial period... Then, what is the thing that you are proud of? Grab Your Linux For FREE Now!!

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April 15, 2008


Waiting for The Official release

9 more days... for The Official Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Release... I'm waiting... I knew I can get it now but I just love to wait for the official coz I like The Official too

Yes, I enjoy this kind of music since I was in secondary school . Get Ubuntu!!

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Howto Disable SIM card pin on Wavecom GSM Modem

Since I'm working on remote automation system development, I've been playing a lot with this Wavecom GSM Modem on my development since I use it for GPRS connection. The issue is, when I use a new SIM card, sometimes that SIM card have pin number which make the modem locked and cannot dial or connect to the internet via GPRS until I unlock the GSM Modem by issuing the pin number. That was annoying when you have put the pin number every time it is booting while you suppose to just leave this device to work and connect automatically.

Actually, in order to fix this issue, I can just disable the SIM card pin. So, I would like to share my routine with new SIM card with pin number, assuming you knew some AT+Command basic and how to use it. Here's how to disable your SIM card pin via Wavecom Meastro, Fastrack or any compatible GSM modems:

  1. Connect your modem to your computer.

  2. Open up serial terminal. I'm using minicom coz I'm on Linux box. On Windows, you can use HyperTerminal.

  3. Turn on your GSM Modem

  4. Issue an AT command to test it. You may want to change to the right baudrate in order to get the reply:
    the expected reply is:

  5. Check if the Modem is locked by the SIM pin by issuing:

    the expected reply for unlocked modem should be:

    or else, you have to unlock it by issuing: (example: my default SIM card pin is 1234)

    and it will reply OK
  6. Now, we can disable the pin by issuing:

    where 1234 is your current SIM pin.

That's all. You can now restart the modem and use it with your automated GPRS dialer. I don't know if this GSM AT Command will also works on siemens gsm modem or other GSM modems. You can try it and feel free to leave your comments. Have fun!

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April 12, 2008


Embedded System in Malay Language

For technical writers who works with translations of documentation and manuals in Bahasa Malaysia would already noticed that it is really hard to translate computer or IT related documentations from english to malay. As I have already involved in my own personal project in translation, I found that there is difficulties in translating computer related terms into Malay Language without falling into other meanings where the real means of that terms isn't achieved or else I will up to creating new terms in Malay language that wouldn't be agreed by other documents with the same terms, translated by other translator.

I've been searching around for any standard meaning of Embedded System or Embedded Hardware in Malay language. I found that Embed means 'tanam' which also means buried if translated back to English. Actually, there is a lot of other words with the same meaning in Malay and that adds more difficulties in finding the right word that exactly match the computer terms.

Other translation of Embed is 'benam'. While using my imagination on what will people read when I say 'Perkakasan Tertanam' (Embedded Hardware) where someone would imagine that there is a device that is buried under the sand or mud. I would laugh myself if someone would think like that. This is because the word 'tanam' itself is closely related to 'tanaman' (plantations) where it would quickly divert someones imagination onto that something is buried under the land.

So, I come out with another malay word that might be close to the meaning of Embed which is 'benam'. While trying to say 'Perkakasan Terbenam' or 'Sistem Terbenam' (Embedded System), I think this should be of the right meaning of it... I hope so . I also found that there is others who would be agreed with my terms even thou he translate this terms in Indonesian language. If you haven't heard any Malay or Indonesian Language, I can say that Malay and Indonesian Language is related in each other. The oldest and richest language may obviously Indonesian, but Malays also have our own way of translating terms. I will sometimes search and peep on how they translate IT terms from English to Indonesian in order to get the idea but I won't simply use their terms because sometimes they use words that will obviously sounds like Indonesian. Well, I don't want it to sound more like Indonesian translated documents either. Owh, I just found that Kukuh Prasetyo, an indonesian blogger is using the same terms 'Sistem Terbenam' for Embedded System like me too.

Datuk A. Samad SaidAs the result, I chose the word 'benam' for Embed, 'Sistem Terbenam' for Embedded System and 'Perkakasan Terbenam' for Embedded Hardware. Or, if you have found any better or standard terms for that in Malay Language, please leave your comments below. Maybe someone like Malaysian National Laureate Datuk A. Samad Said who I can say 'wizards' in 'Kesusasteraan Melayu' may have his own terms that would likely match and catch the audience. I am his fan too.

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April 11, 2008


Cool But Dangerous DIY Gadget: Plasma Speaker

I've been interested in Electronic since I worked in a small company developing a home automation designer software. I don't want to tell much about that company since I've already left the company and now working in another small company doing another automation stuff. I learned a lot that programing and electronic can be combined to create more hi-tech appliances.

Electronic and programming is fun and fascinating. Take a look at this cool DIY gadget called Plasma Speaker or Plasma Tweeter. But be careful because this cool things is dangerous too.

There are various versions of this FM modulated plasma arc speakers. Even thou Plasma Speaker is not new in any way because they’ve been around since the late 1950’s. It is a cool thing for me. It sounds just like regular speakers, but plasma speakers work by creating compression waves in the air. Enjoy this show...

and another cool homebrew PVC pipe Plasma Speaker...

Looks cool huh? I gotta build and try this if I have time. Here's more info on this Plasma Speaker.

Plasma speakers (sometimes called flame speakers if the source of the plasma is combustion rather than gas ionization) are a form of loudspeaker which vary the intensity of a plasma, rather than using a magnetic field to push or pull a conventional driver, to create compression waves in air (which a listener perceives as sound).

In a normal loudspeaker design, the inertia of the driver will resist an instantaneous change in its position as the magnetic field varies with the input. This decreases the fidelity of the speaker, as the input is distorted due to the physical limitations of the device, particularly for strong high frequencies. (This limitation is one of the reasons why tweeters are so much smaller than woofers.) In a plasma speaker, this limitation effectively does not exist, as the air itself is driven directly by expansion of the plasma as the current through it varies. (Ionization of a gas causes its electrical resistance to drop significantly; see for example the "Jacob's ladder" for an explanation.)

Plasmatronics produced a commercial plasma speaker that used a helium tank to provide the ionization gas; other designs (some of which date to the 1950s) use combustion of natural gas or even candles[citation needed] to produce a plasma, through which current is then passed as in the gas plasma designs (though combustion designs do not require the initial high-voltage to create the plasma).

The plasma speaker design is a member of the family of so-called massless speakers.

--:Quoted from Wikipedia

So, If you are thinking about building this cool gadget too, you can get more info on how they build this cool gadget at Ulrich Haumann's DIY PLASMA TWEETER. Please note that this is not for beginners...

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April 10, 2008


Firefox, Safari and IE Compatible CSS min-height

All webmaster should already knows that some CSS code may not compatible from one browser to another. You may noticed that on the CSS code would be a list of redundant code in order to hack this out.

However, while surfing today, I found one good simple tricks for min-height and min-width CSS code that is compatible across all common versions of Safari, Firefox and IE. Maybe you already found and use it. I'm posting this for my notes and maybe it could be helpful for others too...

The Cross Browser min-height CSS

.foo {
height: auto !important;
height: 100px;

This works because all of the more recent browsers will understand and respect the min-height setting as well as the !important designation. So in the example above, the block will be given the min-height setting you specify, and the height:auto will take precedence over the height:100px, even though it appears earlier in the code. With content shorter than 100px, the min-height setting is observed, and with content that is longer, the block is sized to fit the content.

By the way, in the case of older versions of IE, neither the min-height parameter nor the !important designation are supported. Instead, the browser essentially sees a height:auto, immediately followed by a height:100px, and the latter takes precedence. Lucky for us, height parameter in older versions of IE function exactly like the min-height parameter. When content expands past the size of the element, it grows to accommodate it. When content is shorter, the specified height is respected.

Logically, this should also works on min-width.

The Cross Browser min-width CSS

.bar {
width: auto !important;
width: 100px;

If you wonders, I got this trick from Hackszine. Enjoy!!!

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April 9, 2008


How to Create Hyperlink on Blogger Post

Well, this time I make a basic simple tutorial. For all advanced geek who read this blog, please ignore this post... I just wanna help myself not to teach the same basic thing on every newbies friends that really need help.

OK guys, back to the howto...

There are two ways to create a hyperlink on your blog post. One is the simple GUI way and the other is coders way. I prefer the coder way as I can have more control on it.

I like to teach by example. So, let say you wanna create a hyperlink on this line of words...

You can go here to see my art blog

where you wanna link the word "here" to the other page on your blog or on the internet. In this example, I wanna link it to my Art Of Apogee Blog post with the address:

And here is how to do it using both ways...

The simple GUI way

If you rollover every button on your Compose toolbar, you can see one button called "Link" where the word Link will pop up when you hover the button like this:

Now, all you have to do is to highlight or select the word "here" on that phrase, click the link button or press Ctrl+Shift+A, type or paste the URL (the link address) and press Enter or click OK.

Pretty fast huh?... here is the slow motion...
1. Select the word "here"

2. Click on the Link Button or press Ctrl+Shift+A

3. Type or paste your link address (Um... technically it is called URL) and click OK

Believe it or not, it's done...

The Coder way

The coder way may be a bit hard for newbies who's not familiar with HTML tags. But it is good if you wanna have more control on your resulting output...

Using the same example situation, now go to the Edit Html tab. It is on the top-right of your typing area.

And using the same method, select the word, click the Link Button or press Ctrl+Shift+A, paste the URL and click OK. But now, you can see the text should look something like this:

You can go <a href="http://artofapogee.blogspot.com/2008/03/gimp-best-free-photoshop.html">here</a> to see my art blog

Actually, it is basically done but I personally would love to add more things to that link code. For example, if I want a descriptive word to pop up and say "Art Of ApOgEE Blog", I can simply add this line of code:

title="Art Of ApOgEE Blog"

just before the > character. And I can also add this line:


if I want my visitor to open up new window or tab if they click on that link. Very helpful for web surfer like me who don't wanna get lost from my main reading and have to click back button to reload my currently reading page...

Hey, there is more you can do with the HTML tag. You can do further reading on HTML Anchor tag and use your imagination to add more.

As usual, Here's the result of this howto:

the code:

You can go <a href="http://artofapogee.blogspot.com/2008/03/gimp-best-free-photoshop.html" target="_blank" title=" Art Of ApOgEE Blog ">here</a> to see my art blog

the output:

You can go here to see my art blog

OK mates, that's all for now. Hope it helps all of you and you can start hyper linking your blog. Feel free to add a link to my blog too hehehehe... Have Fun!!

...Read more

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April 2, 2008


Jeff Atwood starts war against Linux?

I regularly visit CodingHorror Blog by Jeff Atwood... I love reading his posts and his readers comments. I feel like I'm in a coder's community who hang around listening and talking about what Jeff said.

However, I don't know is it an April fool or it is for real where his posts on Let That Be a Lesson To You, Son: Never Upgrade is shockingly sounds like linux-bashing attempt:

"Apparently, Linux is so complex that even a world class software engineer can't always get it to work.

I find it highly disturbing that a software engineer of Jamie's caliber would give up on upgrading software. Jamie lives and breathes Linux. It is his platform of choice. If he throws in the towel on Linux upgrades, then what possible hope do us mere mortals have? " —Jeff Atwood:CodingHorror

I laugh aloud when Jeff said, "Jamie Lives and breathes Linux." while this Jamie guy said that he installed Ubuntu 10.7.... Where did he get that Ubuntu 10.7? I don't know...

Even thou I personally love linux and promote everyone to give it a try on linux, I don't wanna be bias to say that linux is way better than windows and OSX. You may read yourself how Ubuntu beats Vista and Mac OSX in Pwn 2 Own Hackathon. But please my friend, all OS are developed to help our computing task. You can try any OS yourself and choose which is good for you.

By the way, the new shiny Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy Heron) will be officially launched on 24th April 2008. You can freely download the CD at Ubuntu Website. Ubuntu is getting better and better. Even I have dual booted my laptop, I haven't booted to my windows about 5 months now and I'm happy doing everything in Ubuntu. Even video editing on it. Or, if you still isn't convinced that ubuntu will run smoothly on your PC, just download the LiveCD and boot to Ubuntu without installing it on your PC. Give it a try and enjoy!!.

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