April 16, 2008

The Penguin Day...

I'm wondering... This is maybe the Penguin Day... The Penguin is ready to fly now... Everybody around me is talking about Linux and how to get rid of that full of viruses, Microsoft Windows Operating System. While I keep promoting the best Linux ever for these End Users, Ubuntu...

They have feel the differences... They noticed the consequences... Another great Operating System without annoying pop-up on the bottom-right corner of their screen to tell and ask them, "Hey you!! You got XXX Virus!, You want me to Delete your precious file?" on a 15 minutes interval.

Enjoy this Video, The Penguin is flying FREE Now!!

"Everyone Can Fly... Be Linux!"

Come on guys! Change your OS. I know, you didn't pay even a cent to Microsoft because your PC's technicians is selling a Ripped Off pirated version of that Microsoft Windows OS. You cannot even update them online just because you are afraid of Microsoft will block your Windows and give you a 30 days trial period... Then, what is the thing that you are proud of? Grab Your Linux For FREE Now!!

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