April 16, 2008

Superb Wii Remote Hack by Johnny Lee

In December 2006, Nintendo released the Nintendo Wii which featured an innovative controller containing an accelerometer and pointing capability. This provided millions of people with a new ways to interact with computers. As an HCI researcher, Johnny Lee became interested to show to people what they can really do with their new toy that they never knew it could do.

Johnny Chung Lee, have made an amazingly Superb Wii Remote hacks - which turn the $40 device into a digital whiteboard, multi-touch display, and 3-D viewer - have been a massive hit on YouTube, was invited to speak at the TED conference. Watch and be amazed by what a brilliant mind can do with a child’s toy.

Check out Johnny Chung Lee's Project page for more stories about his fantastic research and innovations. Enjoy!!

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Gunblade IV said...

nice hacks
cool gile la mamat ni..

apogee.. tukar link aku ke http://blog.gunbladeiv.com

ApOgEE said...

ok, updated! :D