June 3, 2008

PC in a Keyboard

Have you ever wished of having a desktop where your super slim LCD monitor attached to just a keyboard? And nothing else?

If you did, it is worth to have a look at this space saving desktop computer from Cybernet, the Computer in a Keyboard. This company has shrunk the CPU behind a regular sized keyboard and it comes complete with an Intel Core 2 Quad chip, DVD drive, hard disk drive, up to 4GB RAM, a touchpad, memory card slots and standard USB ports.

Even thou it makes the keyboard bulky, it can be a small tradeoff for all the space saving that the PC achieves. You can plug your standard monitor or even your LCD monitors into this Computer in Keyboard. Isn't that great?

As far as I know, the PC in keyboard is fully customizable and will cost around $700 to $1100. Enjoy!!

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