June 29, 2008

Some Photos from my office's Desktop

It is Sunday, and I'm checking my old photos... And then, I found my office's desktop photos. You may want to see them. Sometimes, my desk is clean but sometimes, it get horribly messy... This is the average looks of it.

The Serial Data LoggerWhat I see every day
The Rain Gauge PCBMy TableMy Old Circuit Board DesignThe new TS-7260My DesktopThe SBC, PCB and The Black BoxSBC serial /dev/ttyAM1Power Supply And Serial /dev/ttyAM0The TS-ARMTS-7260, Data Logger and GPRS Modem
TS-7260 and Data LoggerRain Gauge Data Logging

Working on these Wireless Rain Gauge development have build up my skills in linux bash programming and I learn a lot on how Single Board computer works. In the beginning, we just create a daughter board and attach it to a hacked LinkSYS WRT45GS board which I've installed OpenWRT so I can embed my bash script inside. But then, we go for TS-7260 board from embeddedarm.com to get more control on the RainGause for version two.

Till now, I'm still upgrading the code for more features and stability. Well, that's all for now. Enjoy what you're doing!!

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Ekinabby said...

wah..very techno person..

Ekinabby said...

haha..meja budak computer mmg macam tu la..ahax

ApOgEE said...

huhuhu... that's my toys... Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. ;D

V-Ram Systems said...

Its good to see you, and you are playing real time projects. These toys are very special for us