April 13, 2011

Safe Way To Learn Chemical Reaction Without Using Actual Chemicals

I played with hydrochloric acid during my school's chemistry lab session. Drop a little amount of it to my text book while my teacher is teaching something else, and see the pages being eaten by those acids. Just because I'm getting bored in class. That was one case of myself. How about you? Have you ever misuse your science lab chemicals? Today, I found other way for student to learn about chemical reaction without ever use the actual chemical.

At Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, you can experiment and create a chemical reaction using their interactive exhibit in the Science Storms wing. This interactive exhibit is called Create a Chemical Reaction. Using specially-tagged pucks, visitors can grab atoms from the periodic table and combine them to cause chemical reactions.

The "Create a Chemical Reaction" interactive exhibit is powered by Sensetable platform from Patten Studio. The Sensetable concept and initial prototypes were developed by the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. James Patten, Hiroshi Ishii, Jim Hines and Gian Pangaro are the people who invent this amazing Sensetable, A Wireless Object Tracking Platform for Tangible User Interfaces. Iwish I could play with it. I can imagine how this great invention can change our computing interface in the near future.

(Via Patten Studio)

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