February 12, 2007

Cool Scripting Game for Coders or Scripters

Come on scripters or coders, are you ready to test your skill on VBScript or PowerShell? Are you a beginner or an expert scripter?... Now is the time to test it... It is free to enter this so called "game" but I see it as competition. Good prize are waiting for the winner...

So, what is the game? Today will be the Opening Ceremony of Microsoft TechNet 2007 Winter Scripting Games. Anyone can enter the 2007 Scripting Games. See official rules for who can win prizes. You can enter as an individual, and you can also represent the country of your choice...

I wish I can enter this game... since I'm still in the heavy workload... Arghhh!! Anyway, If you're interested too, just go to their website and join it now!!

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thalz142 said...

how to join it bro?

ApOgEE said...

Sorry bro, I can't log to internet yesterday they use my PC to repair our client's UBUNTU pc... uhh... to enter it is so easy, just go to the Microsoft TechNet website and go to your selected section (I choose Beginner). go to question, answer it and post to scripter@microsoft.com.

here is full detail on how to enter Scripting Game

Join it now!! you can still join the game because the dateline for Event 1 and 2 is 14 Feb 2007 at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time you still have time!!!

another good news!! you can even enter Event 3 to 10 if you miss the 1 and 2... come on!!!