February 14, 2007

I'm on Microsoft Technet Scripting Games MMVII

Yeahh!! I'm in!! I'm joining the game just for fun... so, here is the screen capture of my name on the game score board. Anyway, you can also see the real live Microsoft TechNet Top Individual Scores: VBScript Beginners Division...

[Click image to see in full]

Hmmm... Beginner? well... this is my first try in this game. That's why I join the beginner. You may think, Why I don't have country name on my entry?... First, I think it is so serious about performing for my country. But then I realize that it is just for fun... and I can see nobody enter this game from my country... Malaysia... oh no... so, today I will submit my next Event with country name... heheheh

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f a said...

yup. naikkan la name mesia :)