February 10, 2007

Vibration Measurement with Profound Vibra

Today I have to look back to my old unfinished code... dealing with Profound Vibra device. A device to measure vibrations. What I do with this device seems so simple but not that simple. I don't have the protocol for communicating with this device neither I'm going to get them from the manufacturer. So, what I can do is simply use their software to generate something that I can manipulate then.

I start with their Vibra software which can download the data from the device and export the data to CSV. Seems simple right? Yeah, I do think like that in the first place. But then, when I start doing it in VB, I struck with a lot of problems to programmatically control the Vibra software.

Damn! It uses QWidget class where I cannot simply find the window class, use SendMessage and WM_COMMAND to the window because all the class looks the same. I'm trying a lot of tricks to get it working. Urrgghh!! I'm still working on it and I have no time. I got deadline by tomorrow night... AAARRRGGHH!!!

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