March 28, 2007

Fighting for the World's Smallest Website

Did you ever noticed that there is some webmasters are fighting for the title of World's Smallest Website? The first website I know doing this is where it is only 18x18 pixels in size which is smaller than a small fingernail. But yet it have all the functionality to be voted as qualified website where it have site navigation, and even packed full of fun projects including pong, pacman, space invaders, pinball, a blog and pixel art.

Then I started googling around to find whether this is the one and only smallest website in the world but no... There is other websites with smaller size and have the equal functions too. You can check it out for yourself. The sites that I have found with this intention to be the Smallest Website are: - 18 x 18 pixels - 16 x 16 pixels - 15 x 17 pixels - 11 x 11 pixels

So, if you found something like this and I didn't list it here, please feel free to contact me and gimme the link so I can add it here.

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----- said...

I create the world's smallest website. Its URL is It's only 11×11 pixels!!!

ApOgEE said...

Thanks for the info. List updated.

----- said...

And Guimp isn't working now, try to open the link! If you show it, you can see a UK2 error page.