March 31, 2008

Libraries PC can use Ubuntu

Do you know that you can install Ubuntu as your library's PC Operating System. It's FREE and It's not difficult install. Now, we don't have to rely on expensively licensed operating system like windows and their other expensive softwares... download Ubuntu and install it...

Here's a video on how this librarian install Ubuntu on her library's PC.

It's easy right? ... If you are still on Microsoft Windows and badly using the pirated version of it. Stop now, change to Ubuntu!!

Another great news is, It is VIRUS FREE!!... currently, we haven't found any virus in Ubuntu yet!! believe me!

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fryshadow said...

should we propose to malaysian librarian ? hehe..

ApOgEE said...

yes, we should!! we can start with private libraries or if we have connection with government libraries, we can suggest it to them.

But if they not resist to keep their old terminal type OPAC system lar... kekeke :p