March 10, 2008

Malay translation code

Long time ago, I've been interested in creating an application to translate English to Malay, and Malay to English. However, up until now, I'm still here, sitting with nothing comes out of my tiny little brain. No single code...

Hopefully, if I have time to spent on this "personal" non-profit project, I want to share it with all of you. Maybe I'll create a page like Babel Fish or Google Translate to help you in translating English phrase or website to Malay and vice versa.

Babel Fish is using SYSTRAN, while Google Translate use their own translation software. I always interested in what google is doing, because maybe I'm crazy about how google have done in revolutionize this information technology world as we already know. Many thanks to people in google for helping me out with this FREE technology. They make my self-learning journey become easier from day to day. Uh, I do get money from Google Adsense too...

Back to the story, I did look after what technology lies behind Google Translate. As written in Wikipedia (another great internet revolution), Google Translate is based on an approach called statistical machine translation, and more specifically, on research by Franz-Josef Och who won the DARPA contest for speed machine translation in 2003. Och is now the head of Google's machine translation department.

Statistical Machine Translation(SMT) is a machine translation paradigm where translations are generated on the basis of statistical models whose parameters are derived from the analysis of bilingual text corpora. The statistical approach contrasts with the rule-based approaches to machine translation as well as with example-based machine translation.

Still, I haven't got any idea on how can I create my own English to Malay Translator. The idea bulb haven't blink on my head yet... But I'll keep think about it and grab as much information as I can get to help me creating my own translation engine.

Anyway, If you bump to this page because you have think the same idea like me, you may love to have a look to these translation resource links. Maybe, if I can't do it, someone else can...

What can I do now in this translation for non-profit initiative is by helping the translation team in some open source project, manually...LOL... If you're interested in helping too, feel free to join us at launchpad where we can help to translate a lot of open source software that we can then use it together in our mother tongue language.

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