March 10, 2008

mp3 Support for Rhythmbox Music Player

I just download some mp3 songs. I haven't opened Rhythmbox Music Player in my office PC since I don't have any speaker here... After grabbing my mate's headphone, I noticed my Rhythmbox Music Player don't have mp3 support yet but I can play them well in VLC media player anyway.

Yes, by default, there is no mp3 support in Rhythmbox Music Player in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10. If you search in google, you can find some blogs saying you can install gstreamer-0.8-plugins. However, when you type them on your terminal, you'll find out that the package isn't there anymore... Don't panic, you just have to install something else in gstreamer package. My lucky day maybe, I choose the right package in my first try without further reading about it... here's what I do...

I typed..
apogee@apogee-persiasys:~$ sudo apt-get install gstreamer

then press TAB twice, and the list come out...

So I choose to install the one that have mp3 in its name...

apogee@apogee-persiasys:~$ sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3

everything installed smoothly... So, I grabbed my Rhythmbox Music Player in the desktop, select my newly downloaded mp3 files in the folder and drag it to my Rhythmbox Music Player... Now my Rhythmbox can play mp3.. heheh... time to download more Keroncong mp3s hahahaha... Enjoy!!

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