March 5, 2008

PageRank Code... What's wrong?

Today, I notice something wrong with my pagerank at one of my scrap blog, The Rojak Blog. As a loyal Firefox user, I also use google toolbar to access my google bookmarks and I do wanna know pagerank of certain page because I'm also google's loyal fan... heheh

Then, what's wrong with the code anyway? I see my pagerank icon on the blog from shows zero (0/10) while my google toolbar shows 3/10. Which one do you think is more accurate? Obviously, the toolbar is from google and the pagerank value is also from google.

the rojak blog
The Verification...

So, I go to to verify the rank and blogflux still says that the pagerank of is 0/10. Then I go to another pagerank checker page at and it says 3/10 for that same scrap blog. Now, I can verify that there might be something wrong on pr.blogflux. Maybe they have to fix their code to keep people link to their site.

The Solution...

Instead of emailing pr.blogflux and told them that their pagerank checker code is wrong, I took a quick solution which is to just change my prchecker. I get it from Pretty simple right? bye-bye blogflux...

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