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3 Pin serial connection for Wavecom GSM Modem

When working with SBC or Single Board Computer for embedded project, we can't have full RS-232 serial with all 9 pin signal compatibility at all times. For instance, while I'm working with TS-7260 board from Technologic Systems, the COM3 serial interface have only 3 pin which is RX, TX and GND. So, in order to make my Wavecom GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem working, I have to create my own cable pinout to connect the 15 pin connector on the Wavecom Modem to the 3 pin RS-232 serial interface on the board.

Before creating the cable, I did some search and find this cable pinout from Wavecom GSM Modem manual.
Pin Description 1 DCD (Data Carrier Detect) 2 TXD (Transmit Data) 3 Reserved 4 MICROPHONE (+) 5 MICROPHONE (-) 6 RXD (Receive Data) 7 DSR (Data Set Ready) 8 DTR (Data Terminal Ready) 9 GND(Signal Ground) 10 SPEAKER (+) 11 CTS (Clear To Send) 12 RTS (Request To Send) 13 RI (Ring Indicator) 14 RESET 15 SPEAKER (-) and the pinout from TS-7260 Board manual:

5.6 COM3 H…