April 2, 2008

Jeff Atwood starts war against Linux?

I regularly visit CodingHorror Blog by Jeff Atwood... I love reading his posts and his readers comments. I feel like I'm in a coder's community who hang around listening and talking about what Jeff said.

However, I don't know is it an April fool or it is for real where his posts on Let That Be a Lesson To You, Son: Never Upgrade is shockingly sounds like linux-bashing attempt:

"Apparently, Linux is so complex that even a world class software engineer can't always get it to work.

I find it highly disturbing that a software engineer of Jamie's caliber would give up on upgrading software. Jamie lives and breathes Linux. It is his platform of choice. If he throws in the towel on Linux upgrades, then what possible hope do us mere mortals have? " —Jeff Atwood:CodingHorror

I laugh aloud when Jeff said, "Jamie Lives and breathes Linux." while this Jamie guy said that he installed Ubuntu 10.7.... Where did he get that Ubuntu 10.7? I don't know...

Even thou I personally love linux and promote everyone to give it a try on linux, I don't wanna be bias to say that linux is way better than windows and OSX. You may read yourself how Ubuntu beats Vista and Mac OSX in Pwn 2 Own Hackathon. But please my friend, all OS are developed to help our computing task. You can try any OS yourself and choose which is good for you.

By the way, the new shiny Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy Heron) will be officially launched on 24th April 2008. You can freely download the CD at Ubuntu Website. Ubuntu is getting better and better. Even I have dual booted my laptop, I haven't booted to my windows about 5 months now and I'm happy doing everything in Ubuntu. Even video editing on it. Or, if you still isn't convinced that ubuntu will run smoothly on your PC, just download the LiveCD and boot to Ubuntu without installing it on your PC. Give it a try and enjoy!!.

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