May 24, 2008

Battle Programmer Shirase - Episode 1

I just noticed this anime about programmer and programming. Pretty cool because previously I've watched japanese anime about cars which influence people to be like the anime heroes like Inital-D and so on. But that works for car lover. And what about coders or programmers? Worry not, here it comes... Battle Programmer Shirase.

I think I'm really late to know this because it have already aired since 2003. Wow...

The story of Battle Programmer Shirase revolves around a "freelance programmer" named Akira Shirase. He's a very talented, yet mysterious computer programmer. Because of his incredible abilities, he's contacted by several individuals (curiously, all of them are very similar persons named Akizuki Kaoru) to do all sorts of strange computer-related hacking/security jobs. He's a very quiet guy who lives alone in a small apartment near his niece's house. At first, the episodes revolved around some freelance jobs that highlighted his abilities - however, later on in the series, characters came back and offered help or plot twists. The school that Shirase had gone to had been hinted throughout the series, and it finally made an appearance in the last episode, when some of the characters began to show their hidden relationships to the others.

The series' story focus is on computers and ecchi comedy. The original series spans 5 story arcs across 15 episodes of 12 minutes each. According to wikipedia, the series was not continued. Anyway, just enjoy them... and hope there is continuation on this...

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