January 22, 2009

Battle Programmer Shirase - Episode 2

For those who remember my post about the Battle Programmer Shirase, here is the continuation of the episode. For those who haven't watch the first episode, you better watch it first. But, if you wanna skip it, the first episode is the introduction of a brilliant programmer or hacker named Akira Shirase.

In that episode, there was a hacking attempt on U.S. shipping company which reroutes a package to an Asian Hacker. While on the other side, BPS or Battle Programmer Shirase is recruited by Akizuki, an employee from Abin Electronics. BPS accepted Akira's recruitment after seeing the discontinued X68 series doujinshi SCSI card by Abin Electronics which was made at Iwasawa plant. Apart from that, there is another story of Misao-chan who somehow have an unknown relationship with Shirase. Now, let's watch this Episode 2 of Battle Programmer Shirase...

Hmm.. hope you like it. I'll continue with the next episode later. Enjoy!!

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