November 14, 2009

How to Create Hyperlink on Blogger Header

Today, I got this question in comment of my previous tutorial on How to Create Hyperlink on Blogger Post.

Barbara Fowlds L.Ac.: "Can I put a hyperlink in my header of my blogspot blog and if so how?"

My answer is Yes you can. And here's how to do it in the simplest newbie way.

Before that, I assume you may wanted to add this hyperlink on your Blogger Header Description because maybe you want to invite your visitor to your business website or any other sites you have. For example, I may like to invite my blog reader to read my art blog at and my blog description says something like this:

Feel free to visit Art Of ApOgEE Blog to see my arts and order some graphic design books

And now we wanna link that blue "Art Of ApOgEE Blog" to

This is the simplest way. You just have to copy paste and no coding . Here's the step:

  1. Open up New Post on you blogger, select Edit Html and type the words there:

  2. Select the text we want to link and create the link:

    Just follow the same way like we did in How to Create Hyperlink on Blogger Post.

  3. Select all text and copy:

  4. Open the Layout tab and Edit your header:

  5. Paste the copied text to your Blog Description and Save:

That's all, now you have the link on your Blogger Header Description. Enjoy coding and Happy Blogging!!

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Barbara Fowlds L.Ac. said...

It worked like a charm although it took me a couple of reads because I hadn't even created a hyperlink yet. But THANKS YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Need a used car? said...

Fantastic directions .... quick and easy. Thank you!

Jess Allen said...

Ah Brilliant! Thank you so much :D

Membuat Blog said...

nice post .. thank you visit my blog Cara Membuat Blog